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"What happened to us?"

You might be experiencing a crisis of trust, a loss of intimacy, or a breakdown of communication. Or maybe you are looking to reconnect and rediscover a relationship which has changed with time, the birth of children, or the effect of other life events.


Whatever the circumstances of your relationship, we work with couples to help identify the best way of progressing, using an unbiased and non -judgmental approach. Even if your partner is not ready to enter counseling, we can still help you take the first steps in bringing about change.


Couples Seek Counseling To:

  • Improve communication and understanding

  • Restore trust after infidelity

  • Help resolve intercultural, interracial, and inter-religious difficulties

  • Recover a loss of attraction and/or intimacy

  • Navigate the challenging decisions around, and process of, separation and divorce

  • Help adjust to the shift in dynamics caused by the birth of children

  • Begin a new partnership or marriage on a firm footing



Family related issues are the focus of my doctorate level education and covers issues like divorce, domestic violence, mistrust, blended family adjustment, co-parenting, communication issues amongst family members, along with a number of other family related concerns.   

How Counseling Can Help Families 

  • In learning to communicate effectively 

  • Start building respectful relationships 

  • In gaining an understanding about the difference between supporting and smothering 

  • In learning to balance the “me,” the “them,” and the “us” in your household 

Family relationships are defined by change. As children grow and change, so must the parenting and the partnering. Family counseling can help you to navigate through all the changes! 

Family counseling can be helpful when one family member is dealing with a difficult personal issue. Tension can build in all relationships with disagreements over how to deal with a situation. Counseling for the family can re-establish respect, boundaries, and a common support structure to allow all family members to develop healthy relationships. 

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