Price List

Have insurance? See options under methods of payment below


Intake (75 mins) - $125

Regular Session (50 mins) - $100

Extended (75 mins) - $115


Intake (75 mins) - $150

Regular Session (60 mins) - $125

Extended (80 mins) - $140


Intake (90 mins) - $175

Regular Session (75 mins) - $150

*3 or more members

Initial Intake: The intake is not counseling/therapy. The first meeting is designed to gain background information and determine if we are a good fit. If not, then we have colleagues in the area that we will refer you to since our goal is to help you find the assistance you are looking for. If so, you will fill out paperwork and you and your therapist will go over office policies, fees, and general information.

All other fees such as travel, letters, assessments, etc. will be determined on an individual basis.

See More Info Below

Late Cancellation/Missed Appointments

All cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice to avoid a $75 fee. You will be charged the full fee for your scheduled session for missed appointments. 

Pre-Pay Discount

We offer a pre-pay discount.  This is for payments ahead of scheduled appointments.The pre-pay discount is $20 off any regular or extended session. This does not apply to intakes. Refunds are NOT given for any reason including late/missed/canceled sessions.  Funds can be used to up to one reschedule. This cannot be combined with any other specials/discounts/reduced-costs

Methods of Payment and Insurance


Please call to get information on getting started.

Limited Availability for accepting clients with:
BCBS (New Directions Behavioral Health)


Optum (EAP)

AllOne Health

Method of payments are cash, credit and debit cards.  Full payment is due before services are rendered. 


Medicaid is the primary insurance that is accepted at this time.  Have other insurance but could really benefit from ACIFT's services? A superbill can be requested for clients to receive out-of-network partial reimbursement for services rendered.  Check out this link to understand how this works: 


Who benefits from paying with cash? 

  • Those who are uninsured/underinsured

  • Those who want to protect their privacy or the privacy of their children for any situation where you don't want your information (i.e. diagnosis)  to be part of your permanent health record (e.g. federal jobs, military, legal reasons, etc.)

  • Those who may have high deductibles

  • Utilizing insurance requires a diagnosis.  Self-pay does not. 

  • Those who may want to be seen sooner or more frequently